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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 5, 2015 8:00am-9:01am EST

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>> tech know where technology meets humanity... only on al jazeera america >> hello, welcome to the news hour from doha. our top stories this hour: bombs fall on tripolis airport and the oil industry is shut down. as talks to stop the vier lens are delayed. >> 18 stitches to the u.s. ambassador after his attack with a knife in south korea. >> with economic growth down and production up, chinese leaders
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meet in beijing. >> with sport major league soccer agrees to a deal to avoid a strike, allowing the new season to get underway. >> libya's national oil company has shut down production because of the escalating violence in the country. libya dependency on oil for nearly all its income. the u.s. recognizes that the administration is tibruk for help as talks to restore peace in the area are delayed. >> an attack on the oil facility has left it inoperable. it is one of several fields targeted in the recent weeks by ice sill. they destroyed equipment at an oil field wednesday. monday, another field and a
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pipeline carrying crude came under attack. these facilities were also hit last month. 14 were killed. in a country plagued by war in recent years the oil industry is a trial target. production that fall be from 1.6 billion-barrels a day before the revolution that overthrew gadhafi to under 300,000-barrels a day. libyan oil corporation won't be fulfilling its contract. it might close all fields and ports if the security situation doesn't improve soon. libya's two rival governments are still in a power struggle. a delegation from one of them, the court installed tripoli government was at this airport when it was targeted in an air strike. >> we are here at the airport. as we were going to the national meeting, war planes carried out airstrikes. as you can see behind me, there are plumes of smoke.
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there is another attempt to prevent us from going to the meetings a and sabotage the effort of the libyan government. >> talks are resuming in morocco, but expectations of a solution are low. >> we have asked for -- we can't go to the outdated national conference. >> the countries oil wealth is going up in smoke in the meantime. al jazeera. >> we have live not capitol of morocco where the talks are still not underway. >> we understand that members of
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the internationally-recognized government in tobruk just landed and are on their way now to the capitol along with the united nations special representative and they should be able to convert. in this building use that behind me they'll meet with the government from tripoli to stitch together a political deal. the international community is throwing its weight behind this talk. it's very crucial and one of the most since talks started in january in geneva, because now the sentiment is that the government of tripoli and tobruk sit together as a unity government and form who is going to lead and start drafting the constitution. sources from the tripoli delegation told me that they have been given full mandate
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from the g.n.c. in tripoli that if there is as genuine deal, they will stamp that deal and fly back to tripoli but then, it all dependency on what kind of packages are going to be offered to both parties but it's a very delicate situation as we speak and the national community made it clear to the libyans that this could be a last chance for a peaceful solution to the conflict in libya. >> ok, thanks for that. libya has the biggest known oil reserves in africa, but production has plunged. as you can see from this chart output pretty much fell off a cliff in the arab spring in 2011, then fell to zero in august, 2011 when rebels took tripoli and gadhafi fled. for a little while things did get back to normal, but production took another nose
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dive in april, 2013 as violence escalated. the reopening of two major oil terminals last year provided a temporary reprieve, but a tax attacks by isil have wreaked devastating consequences. oil production now suspended in 11 oil fields. the national oil company says if the security situation doesn't improve and it's going to shut down other oil fields and ports this is a catastrophe for what's left of the libyan economy. >> that's correct. the situation, as you've described it, both economically and in security terms on the ground is very serious. libya probably only has reserves left to prop up the economy for another two to three years so they have to find a political solution soon.
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that's why the talks in morocco are so important because the only light at the end of the tunnel that we can see at the moment. >> do you think the two sides are going to overcome their mistrust that at the moment seems to be a huge barrier these talks of course are delayed. once they get started, it's going to be a question of what compromises each side is prepared to make. >> yes. there's been a marked last of compromise in recent months in the exchanges between two sides but now that they're around the table and they know how serious the situation is, each of them knows that they can't win a military struggle against the other. the other point is that the u.n. are pursuing several tracks at once. after the morocco talks there will be other meeting in algeria and belgium involving municipal government leaders and the political parties the wider political forces, so other
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sectors of the population will have their say, and will have a chance to push for a peaceful settlement. it won't be simply the two administrations exchanging insults across the table. >> they're not around the tail just yet. also the political part is not the only one that they're exploring, the tibruk based administration is approving an request for approving arms for lifting the arms embargo that of course posed by the u.k. along with france and the u.s. would that be justifiable? they say they need more weapon to say fight isil. >> in the current circumstances it would not be justifiable. a huge amount of weaponry has come into libya in addition to the supplies of weapons that were left by the gadhafi regime over the last year or two.
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they've made the situation much worse rather than better. greater military involvement dissent into what would amount to a civil war would only make the situation worse. >> hopefully these two parties are finally going to sit at the table and hopefully do more than just trade insults. there is a long term agenda that we're looking at here, but in the short term, do you think that a widespread ceasefire is achievable? >> yes i think it is, but not this week or next week. it would take a good deal of discussion and detail to get that established, because there are many different militia across the country going across many years they are trying to settle. it's a multi-layer conflict which will need unraveling and
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decisions at the top to enforce a ceasefire. >> thanks for your thoughts, there, richard northern, former british ambassador to libya there. >> activists say the syrian government dropped a barrel bomb killing several people of aleppo. rebel forces are fighting for control of the northern city. >> northern korea called an attack on the u.s. ambassador to south korea deserved punishment. it says its resty abuse for joint military drills held by the u.s. and south korea. mark lib period was slashed across the face while leaving a conference in the capitol seoul. >> mark lippert probably wishes he turned down the invitation. he was slashed in the face. he needed 80 stitches.
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>> if the cut was one to two centimeters deeper, it could damage the carotid artery. it could be life threatening. >> it took four men to hold down the suspect who on lookers say wielded a small fruit knife. he too was rushed to hospital. the war exercise must be stopped. we must stop the drills now. >> he's talking about this, the joint drills taking place with south korean and american troops. he had another drape to make public. >> the separated families are currently unable to meet each other. you're unification with north korea is postponed. we need to stop the drills! >> here is kim when he was arrested before, about five years ago, he threw a piece of concrete at the japanese ambassador to sexual.
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>> he was lucky i didn't have a knife or a gun. >> the u.s. will find this unsettling. south korea even more so. >> we are taking this seriously as it was committed against the ambassador to the u.s. which is one of our most important allies. >> rival north korea is formally the most vocal opponent of the drills and said this is what america deserves. al jazeera. >> indonesia rejected an offer to swap prisoners to save two from drug execution. 11 people have been transferred to an island where they'll face a firing squad. >> the world's second biggest economy is slowing. china's premier said exports are falling and people should be encouraged to buy locally-made
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goods. we have more from beijing. >> from across china they streamed into the great haul of the people, for the annual report of their government and its plans. what were they're priorities? >> i want migrant workers to enjoy the same treatment as urban citizens. >> what i care most about is the air. everyone has to breathe. >> inside, they would devote time to both subjects, managing the transition from the export growth of recent decades to a more domestically driven and slower growing china the growth down from 7.5% to 7%. >> with downward pressure on china's economy brewing and problems surfacing the difficulties we are to encounter
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in the year ahead may be more formidable than last year. pledge to say free up more foreign and private investment, tightening banking regulations create 10 million new urban jobs and restrict urban unemployment to below 4.5%. >> this new 7% target represents appropriate growth levels in pursuit of moderate prosperity at a time of downward pressure on china's economy. it also is an explicit acknowledgment that they believe the slowdown is set to continue at a time when declining property prices and record debt levels present unpredictable threats that could undermine that reduced target. >> real estate enterprises especially bad debt in the finance industry, it's definitely worse. some people even think the economy will collapse soon. >> china's worsening pollution is the price paid for the growth, but leaders recognizing
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that the cost has become too high. >> the environmental pollution is applied on people's quality of life in a way that weighs on their heart. >> china's ability to fight potential enemies will be increased, the official defense budget going up 10.1% the lowest rise in five years. it's the economic forecast that got the most attention 7% growth is high by the standards of just about anywhere but china. the trick for the government is to make sure amid the slowdown, people fault wealthier and healthier. everything else risks the stat of the country. beijing. >> your with al jazeera. coming up here on the news hour, the clock is ticking on peace talks. we are live in addis ababa where those are taking place.
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>> auctions held up at the start of the selling season. >> bangladesh move closer in the contradict world cup. >> ukraine's president poroshenko has made wednesday a day of mourning following the deaths of 32 miners in a gas explosion in a coal mine in donetsk. we have more from donetsk. >> the death toll in ukraine's mining disaster continued to rise. the donetsk people's republic has established a commission to look into what happened here and why. meanwhile, rescue workers continued to remove bodies. donetsk is the heartland of ukraine's mining industry.
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it is also the deadliest. there have been 17 major accidents here since 1999, killing more than 300 workers. each time, investigations ask whether the mine is safe and each time, hundreds of miners afterwards return to the shaft. unless something unusual is uncovered in the investigation here that is what's likely to happen this time. >> ukraine's former finance minister has been arrested in southern spain. he has been on the run since august and is wanted by authorities for fraud. he was a member of ousted president victor yanukovych's government. >> under pressure to sign a lasting peace deal in ethiopia, regional leaders made thursday the deadline to reach agreement. we report from south sudan's
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capitol. >> she still can't talk about her father without choking up, anyway. simon young a pastor was shot dead here at the start of the conflict. she and her family never found his body. she has a message for political leaders in addis ababa. >> the leaders they need to do is look at this innocent blood for them to be aware they need to look at what they are losing and the citizens are losing and the loss their country is going through. >> the president and rebel leader are expected to sign a comprehensive peace agreement that will include power sharing. people we talk to here are hoping for a deal, but cautiously so. >> they are worried that a signature on a dotted line does not necessarily mean lasting peace. they want a binding deal and commitment from their leaders.
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>> a power struggle between the president and his former deputy sparked a civil war more than a year ago. their supporters have been fighting ever since. two are under intense pressure to sign the deal, but there's little sense of conciliation between both sides. >> it is not about the political reform. it is not about political settlement of the people, of the certain people, that think they are being marginalized. >> the negotiation has refused to deal with the actual root cause of the problem. the government says the cause is one thing and we say the cause is one thing. i think at the very least, they should say let us agree to disagree. let us agree that you people have disagreed on what the problem is so at least we have an agreement moving forward when
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we are talking. >> politics aside these community workers have been compiling needs of the tens of thousands of thousand who died in the conflict to create a memorial here. they say they just want their country to get out of limbo. >> a member of those peace talks joins us now live from addis ababa. what is the latest on those talks? progress seems to be going extremely slowly. >> thanks for having me. on behalf of south sudan civil society alliance in south sudan i would like to thank you for this opportunity and of course, the talk is between the principle now. as a civil society, we are
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urging the two principles to put behind their interests and put the interesting of the country and people who are suffering on the ground and lives and property that we are losing on a daily basis due to a senseless war in our country a war that is made by man made power struggling, a war that has no ideology. therefore, we feel strongly to the principle to sign the peace. another juncture i would like to make clear -- >> you're representing civil society, aren't you? you're representing the common people who are very much hoping that these main players at the talks with him address their root concerns, the root concerns for the violence. >> well, it is known to the people of south sudan that the
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current crisis in the country and it is power struggle and there's no other roots. the leadership earlier late 2013 on december 15 got to the conflict because of the power. there's no root cause, it is a power struggling, and the it is good also, that being interviewed by al jazeera, i would like to make it clear that the people of south sudan reject two armies. i understand there is a negotiation and parties are asking and talking and we wish for a compromise, but a compromise that will include the two armies in the country. we in civil society will reject that. it is also a time to share with the international community that we in civil society appreciate
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what -- we appreciate what the community are doing and we appreciate the role for the peace talks what they are doing for our country. >> can i ask you this. >> a country that is being threatened -- >> the u.n. security council said on wednesday that it has approved sanctions against south sudan. do you think that will help or hinder the peace process and will it put more pressure on the leaders to actually come to an agreement or not? >> what south sudan needs now is peace, not sanctions. you cannot achieve peace with sanctions. the incentive for the leaders is for the community to urge them and remind them about their responsibility and bring peace immediately, not even tomorrow.
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>> thank you very much indeed for joining us. we appreciate your time. >> time for us to get the weather with everton. we're going to hear about more snow in the u.s. >> we have got yet more snow in the forecast. we have mild weather by the end of the weekend. hopefully, we'll get good news. this band of clouds pushing all the way up across the appalachian mountains into the northeast. that is the boundary between cold air to the north and the milder air down towards the south. by the time we do come to the end of the weekend, we are hopeful of see that go milder air winning out. that is going to continue making
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its way further eastward. by the time we come to friday afternoon, we'll be up to minus two, so it's going in the right direction. saturday, four degrees a massive jump in temperatures. where we do have the boundary between the cold and mild air a fair bit of snow pushing in at the moment. i think over the next 18-24 hours, some of these parts could see another 12 to 20 centimeters of snow, so a significant amount of snowfall coming through. that makes its way further east thursday into friday. brighter skies coming back in behind. as you can see at last, making a good deal dryer so better weather to come here. temperatures in chicago up some 13 degrees. >> thanks very much indeed for that. >> liberia the last patient receiving treatment for ebola has been touchdown from hospital.
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liberia has no confirmed cases. people are urged to stay cautious, but if there are no new cases for 42 days, the world health organization will declare liberia ebola-free. >> in zimbabwe, the 2000 tin tobacco selling season had farmers protesting low prices. anti riot police had to restore order. prices are down $2 a kilo from last year. stephanie decker reports. >> waving toe cook bow leaves, these farmers feel they are not paid enough for their hard
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work. they just want to benefit themselves. >> riot police had to be brought in to restore order. there is an overwhelming feeling that the farmers who do all the work are offered an unfair price. many farmers depend on it for their lively who said. auctioneers say the low prices have to do with rains affecting the crops. >> it is the quality that determines the price. it is not just the price for a leaf. it's the quality. >> some complain not enough help is given by the government in dealing with the variation in weather. al jazeera spoke to a government official who said the problem is being dealt with. >> i believe governments there are plans already underway to assist farmers with the technology to be able to harness
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the water in their own respective areas. >> selling resumed in the afternoon once the situation calmed down. we're told prices were better. the marketing season runs until august but if the prices drop to where they were at the start of trading tempers could flare again. >> this election campaign is causing controversy and sparking lawsuits in israel. >> we'll report from columbia's biggest port. >> a french footballer collapses on the pitch during an english premier league game. that's all coming up after the break.
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>> welcome back. the headlines libya's national oil company has shut down production because of escalating violence in the country. libya dependency on the oil income and the government in tobruk made an urgent appeal for help. >> the united states condemned a knife attack on its ambassador to south korea. mark lippert was slashed in the face at a breakfast function. north korea said it was deserved because the u.s. is holding military drills with the south. >> china revised it's economic forecast downwards. exports are dropping off and
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people should be encouraged to buy locally made goods. >> the u.s. secretary of state is in the saudi capitol riyadh. these are live pictures from there. john kerry's been briefing gulf ministers concerned about the latest nuclear talks with iran. he's been talking about to foreign ministers from the g.c.c. following three days of talks with iran in switzerland. ways of reinforcing the battle against isil in iraq and syria were also discussed. let's talk about that visit with two senior correspondents in beirut and switzerland. let's start with jacky rowland. clearly gulf arab states very concerned about a possible deal with iran. we're waiting to hear from john kerry at that press conference in riyadh, but one of his big jobs is reassuring america's
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gulf allies that there's nothing to worry about as far as iran is concerned. >> yes. what they're worried about is iranian influence growing in the region. we have tomorrow of course that these different countries have their different agendas certainly the saudis like the idea that they are a key u.s. ally in the region, that they're a big regional power and they feel that iran is a rival presents possibly a threat and essential anything that looks like a are a approachment between iran and the united states concerns the gulf arabs. john kerry said it would make the world a safer place. he's trying to tell these gulf
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leaders this does not mean that the u.s. is getting cozy with iran, this does not mean the u.s. is turning a blind eye to what many gulf countries reward as aggressive and expannionist activities by iran in the region. >> thank you for that. let's go to dana in beirut for us. kerry has been discussing several things with ministers in the region, not least is the issue of isil. what is expected out of the this meeting? >> at the end of the day it's very important for the united states to have arab backing. they don't want this war to be a fight, a western fight against islamic state of iraq and the levant. it's not just military help they need from the arab world it's political backing. that's why it's very important. at the end of the day isil has been using words like this is a
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fight against infidels, a fight against crusaders. if isil is able to frame the war this way it will gain them sympathizers throughout the world. the arabs have reservations, they see isil as an enemy, a threat isil has threatened the saudi arabian government, but they don't want this to be a war against sunnis. isil has taken over sunni territory in iraq and syria. what the arab world feels is that iran is gaining power being empowered on the ground, for example in iraq, you have the shia militias pushing into sunni territory. they are worried at the end of the day this fight against isil is only empowering iran. >> thank you for that. john kerry is now speaking at
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that press conference in riyadh with his saudi arabian counterpart. this is being carried on saudi television so john kerry is being translated into arabic there. we will monitor that and we will bring you thes a little later on. >> now to the glamour of washington, israel prime minister benjamin netanyahu has to now face the verdict of the voters. as we report, israel's election campaign is proving controversial, using on line add advertisement to say attract new voters. netanyahu's party are being sued by a jordanian hiphop group. >> slack state fighters on the road to israel. that is what benjamin netanyahu is warning voters in this campaign advertisement.
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still, the video is meant to play for laughs. when the driver stops to ask how to get to jerusalem the israeli driver replies turn left. the message appears to be that if the center left defeats netanyahu's right wing party isil will end up taking over. an israeli campaign strategist tells me netanyahu and other politicians are using the advertisements as part of attempts to be more relatable to voters. >> to a certain extent, he's had to soften his image. you can't scare all the people all the time. when he has put in humor about himself or about an issue like isis, which is a serious thing that maybe that warms people up a little. >> not amused is the founder of the jordanian hiphop group "of
8:37 am
the soil." he has filed a lawsuit against netanyahu in an israel court after one of his songs were featured in the add vert. >> they featured our song with the islamic state. >> netanyahu's other campaign advertisements ever come under fire, one for breaking the rule over using child actors. the prime minister tries and fails to control the leaders of other parties who are portrayed by a group of unruly preschool jeers what i think is missing from the ads these are real issues. the voters are not hearing real issues in these kind of campaign ads. >> similar other parties have been accused of pushing the boundaries with their own campaign ads but most political observers agree the videos won't
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likely have much of an impact when voters cast their ballot. that's because early polling suggest may be have already made up their minds. al jazeera west jerusalem. >> an iranian diplomat kidnapped in yemen has been freed. state media said he has returned to tehran. he was abducted in july, 2013 while leaving his home in sanna by gunmen expected to be part of al-qaeda. >> omar morales is suspected of running the notorious zeta drug cartel. we have more from mexico city. >> the rest of this alleged leader of the zetas cartel comes days after the leader of the
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knights templar was taken. these with it arrests show that mexico continue to focus on taking down leaders of these drug trafficking and criminal organizations. what's not clear exactly is what impact that has on ongoing violence in mexico. we've spoken to the d.e.a. in washington and they said it clearly factors these groups and over time making mexico safer. on the ground in these communities where these criminal organizations operate it doesn't seem to be bricking down levels of violence. this man had a $2 million price on his head from the mexican government and $5 million reward from the u.s. government. that shows how important both governments see him as leading the zetas organization, but many are going to be vying to take control that have cartel now that he's taken out of power. >> colombia's government doubled
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police on it is streets of the port city which is racked by violence between gangs. it has left hundreds dead and forced thousand to say flee their homes. we have a report. >> digging for body parts investigators in the port town in colombia found a hidden grave in this neighborhood ironically called the progress. in it were dismembered remains of two young men who disappeared months earlier. former paramilitary groups ever long terrorized the city, fight to go control territory and the population. a year ago the government announced special measures, doubling the number of police and investigators. they also sent in the army. >> a year later these areas were still gripped by fear or collusion. many fled, leaving their homes up for sale. those who remain stay silent.
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>> some say there are mass graves and dismembered bodies, but we haven't seen anything. >> no, no, we don't know figure about that. >> nobody feels safe enough to talk to us truthfully on camera. that's because despite government measures, gang control over many areas remains fundamentally unchanged. >> a new report from human rights watch draw as horrifying snapshot of the situation. while the government measures have had some results extortions disappear as the killings continue and often go unreported. >> there's no question that more resources have been brought to bear. there is now at least one prosecutor dedicated to pursuing these most heinous crimes and the disappearances, but there have been no convictions. no one has been form ally charged. >> gloria now lives in the progress neighborhood. her father was killed for
8:42 am
helping the police. she spoke with us, but in a different part of town. >> there are so many people like me who don't have any answer about what happened to their loved ones. i reached out to people with information and ask them to talk but they are too afraid and just leave. >> prosecutors are slowly getting results. since the beginning of 2015, no new cases of dismemberment have been reported, and they props that the first convictions will come this year. for those who survive in this battered city, justice cannot come soon enough. >> environmentalists in brazil say a river's been poll looted so badly it's a violation of human rights. the jakara river flows into a bay which will be the venue for olympic events in 2016. activists say the bay is filled with sewage and blame authorities for only cleaning
8:43 am
tourist areas. >> people in venezuela are marking the second anniversary of former president hugo chavez's death. his successor nicholas maduro continues to face massive economic damages and is losing support, even among his followers. >> it's been two years since hugo chavez died of cancer. his absence is still keenly felt. for some, it takes on an religious fervor. for others, even in the stronghold of chavez support sadness has given way to disillusionment. chronic food shortages give an overall sense that the revolution are over. continuing shortages of milk to auto parts has hit this woman twice as hard. her likelihood dependency on
8:44 am
stocking her beauty parlor and she often returns home empty handled. >> i personally think this chavez hadn't died things would be working better and not like they are now. we have to queue for hours. we can't find basic products. shortages are becoming too much to bear, affecting all venezuelans. >> yet only a few doors away, another shop owner says life here is still business as usual. >> the revolutionaries, some of unhappy with some things within the process. i think it is because they are not seeing thins clearly. i imagine that is what is happening with men of them. they are unhappy so think it is maduro not doing things well. >> as people celebrate two years of chavez's death many people support has wavered under his successors. >> charles had popular support
8:45 am
thanks to state run grocery stores medical clinics staffed by cuban doctors. unless the president tackles the economy and renews his message. analysts fear his base support will continue to weak june there's a weakening in the support that president maduro once had. the revolution is no longer giving answer to say economic needs. "out of 10 think the country is heading in the wrong direction. even so, it still continues to abstrong social and political force. the weaknesses in president maduro's leadership have more to do with the policies and with the absence of any message. >> the recent spite will be temporary in the face of soaring inflation and lack of goods on the shelves. al jazeera caracas.
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>> a facile found in an ethiopian desert is changing what we know about the evolution of mankind. the jaw bone with five intact teeth is more than 2.8 million years old. that makes it half a million years older than any previously known human remains. >> still to come, aptitude knows no gender. a new report challenges the thought that males are better in math and science than my mails. >> the quest for the cup coming up.
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>> an international study suggests that girls are being held back in math and science by a lack of confidence. the eocd report measured the performance of 15-year-old students in math, science and reading tests and found there's no innate difference in ability but girls in many parts of the world achieve poorer results despite outperforming boys overall. the author of the report on gender equality in education is with us. what's the problem? if boys and girls can do just as well as each other in math and science, why are girls achieving poorer results in exams? >> yes we do see the education systems where students are pushed to give their best, all students boys and girls are
8:49 am
able to achieve at the highest levels in economy structures, japan, korea or even finland girls that are achieving the highest possible levels in mathematics and science, and still, even when they perform so well, they tend to be more anxious about mathematics to lack confidence in their own abilities in mathematics and science, and what we did see looking at parent alec speciations for the children is that parents but also other stake holders in society actually continue to hold back the girls continue to have very stereo typical notion of what our jobs that boys or girls can do. in a country like italy 46% of boys has parents who believe they will go into engineering
8:50 am
and computing while only 16% of girls have parents who think the same. this is looking at boys and girls who have the same results in math and science. >> that's really interesting. so those notions still persisting even though in this day and age we're all told men and women can achieve similar things. how do you change expectations from parents then? >> well, you need to have a concerted effort of parents schools and society at large. many countries are adopting new approaches to challenge the notion among parents that girls can't do math. in fact, as i said, girls can achieve at the highest possible level. they can help parents through role models of women that excel in the sciences. we just had the first woman
8:51 am
getting the field medal in mathematics. at the same time, we can challenge notions among teachers but this requires really giving them the instruments to change their approaches fostering more independent learning fostering more the potential of each student, even when, for example they are very good at the subjects. girls excel in language subjects and tend to be much, much better at boys than reading and sometimes they're left behind in mathematics and science because teachers and parents concentrate on their relative skills in language subjects, rather than what they could achieve in mathematics and science. >> ok. i hope attitudes change. i loved science at school. thanks very much indeed for joining us. >> girls in sport, as well, that's another field we're breaking in.
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here's jo with the sports. >> we're going to start with a little bit of fool, though. major league soccer has struck a last-minute deal with players to avoid a strike. one main sticking point had been a demand from players over the age of 28 to be able to represent themselves. they agree to that in principle. the five year deal will replace a previous agreement which ran out at the end of january. >> the coach has no plans to leave germany though he may join manchester at the end of the season. gave the lead in the german cup. the man who scored the winning goal for germany in the world cup final got behind second. they go through to the quarter finals. >> buffalo through to the final
8:53 am
beating villareal in their semifinal leg. >> chelsea looking good for their first premier title. they maintain their 5 point lead over manchester city. >> striker said he's fine despite collapsing on the pitch at the match. the french international appeared to fall down in the fifth minute, taken from the pitch on a stretcher. he suffers from a preexisting condition that causes fainting but poses no serious health risk. >> offensive that president says the biggest problem is race. >> and discrimination by fans,
8:54 am
and that existing penalties aren't going far enough. >> one day, we should set an example, an example if not just a stadium ban or financial sanction. we should take away points. take away points that will relegate a team. at the moment, we need the courage to do this. discrimination will stop. at the moment, we haven't seen it anywhere in the world. >> the greek government has lifted suspension on the countries football league. an indefinite ban was issued after violence, the third time this season that professional football has been shut down. the newly elected ruling party said it's to stamp out crowd violence. the super league will resume behind closed doors. >> europe will stage its first-ever continental multi-sport tournament.
8:55 am
the european games will be held in and see azerbaijan's capitol. >> i think there's a real need to have european games. we need to recognize that europe is the only continent in the world that doesn't have its own major multi-sport event for the best athletes of the continent. there's been pan american games and nation games since 1951 and despite the athletic prowess and strength of europe, there has never been a game for the best athletes in europe. as far as azerbaijan is concerned, this helps diverse its economy into tourism and sports tourism in particular. we only need to look at the next couple years with hosting
8:56 am
formula one chess owe olympiad. >> see my full interview on this week's edition of counting the costs on friday with repeats across the weekend. >> bangladesh won their group a match at the cricket world cup against scotland. scotland batted first. a best 156 as his side post add total of 318 for eight. bangladesh was just too strong, reaching 322 for four. their highest successful run chase in one day internationals. they will now play england next.
8:57 am
>> we chased down similar kind of score two or three years back again in zimbabwe. we added in a similar way. rather than thinking about scoreboard and just enjoying the wicket the outfield was really quick. we didn't have to do too much, because if we were timing the ball and the ball was flying, that made it easy for us. >> the north korean government will reopen the marathon to foreign runners. travel agencies were told that participants from outside the country would not be allowed to compete because of the fears of the ebola virus. >> that's all the sport for now. >> thanks very much indeed for that. that's it for this news hour, but more news coming up here on al jazeera. for all the day's details do stay with us. bye for now.
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>> former klansman david duke. >> america has been taken over. >> defending his controversial past. >> i did what i thought was right. >> that was then... what about now? >> i believe the zionists control the country. >> "talk to al jazeera".
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only on al jazeera america. >> bombs fall on tripoli's airport and the oil industry shuts down as talks to stop the violence are delayed. >> live from doha, also coming up in the next half hour, 80 stitches for the u.s. ambassador after he's attacked with a knife in south korea. >> how israel's election campaign is causing controversy and sparking lawsuits. >> demanding a fair price tobacco farmers in zimbabwe at the